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Revive Mumbai on BrandeisNOW.

Arundhati Roy in The Guardian

Arundhati Roy’s eloquent piece in The Guardian explains why the attacks in Mumbai are not India’s 9/11, and why the reaction to those attacks requires a far more nuanced and complex response. It’s quite long, but definitely worth your time.

Dear Friends

After the success of 3 Dine for Mumbai initiatives at the Brandies and NYU campus, Revive Mumbai will now be hosting a ‘Dine For Mumbai’ event in New York City’s famous Yuva, Indian Frontier Grill.

All day on Tuesday December 16, 2008, Yuva restaurant will donate 15% of everyone’s bill that attends on behalf of Dine for Mumbai to Revive Mumbai’s efforts. All the diner needs to do, is mention that he is attending on behalf of ‘Dine for Mumbai’, and Yuva management will handle the accounting. I urge you to inform friends and family in the New York vicinity to participate in this event.

Donation boxes will be located in the restaurant for direct contributions. For more information regarding donations or volunteering, please contact Yash Daga at ymdaga@gmail.com

Thank You

An Open Letter

Dear Readers and Friends of the Brandeis India Initiative,

As an Indian, a resident of south Mumbai and a member of the Brandeis community, the Mumbai attacks have affected me on many levels. While personal losses are immense, the attack on the Chabad House and its occupants has left me devastated. After having spent 4 years at Brandeis, I fail to reconcile the fact that members of a community committed to peace and righteousness are often targeted for being messengers of goodness. The dastardly murder of Rabbi Gavriel Hortzberg and his wife Rivika evoked the Brandeisian in me who seeks justice – in its purest form.

I firmly believe that their martyrdom should be commemorated in ways that exemplify our commitment to uproot terrorism with Gandhian principles, especially limitless compassion. I hereby propose that Brandeis University work with its members and well-wishers to establish a Rabbi Gavriel and Rivika Hortzberg Scholarship for economically challenged south Asians who wish to pursue their higher education at Brandeis. This scheme will supplement Brandeis’ India Initiative and will be looked up to as a significant reconstruction effort. Symbolically, it will cement Brandeis’ reputation as a beacon of social justice.

I am certain that his venture will have far reaching implications and will be a fitting response to those who consistently exploit illiteracy and ignorance. The Revive Mumbai team will work closely with the university administration to realize this proposal. Brandeis’ twin founding principles of truth and justice and its commitment to activism can be channeled in an effective manner via this initiative.

All relevant offices have been notified of my eagerness to structure this and are committed to working together to materialize the proposed scheme. I urge you to donate generously towards this cause.

Details of the proposed scholarship can be found here. For further inquiries, please get in touch with Bryan McAllister-Grande (bgrande@brandeis.edu).

Naman Pugalia
Class of 2009

India is Us

“The attacks in Mumbai were committed because India is everything the terrorists hate: democratic, multi-religious, and pro-American.”

” ‘How can an organisation be terrorist if it’s been providing food and water to us despite knowing that we’re not Muslims?’ “